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Same spam every day, every 52 seconds. You can see this bot in all major trade hubs. BLOCK does not block him as two new throwaway alts are created by this BOT every day. He was already banned last month by CCP, but he is obviously back. What are CCPs solution for this?


Just keep reporting them. Eventually CCP will use pattern matching to catch this sort of thing.

Keep reporting them as bots and block them. A few weeks ago I got nearly 60 We Banned Someone mails from CCP, and afterwards the guy was silent for 2 weeks or so. The more people report him, the earlier he’ll get banned again.


You are just to poor to gamble every 52 seconds for a Orca wich you can use to fund your own mining empire!
I do not care about the spam, i rather like it it makes Jita feel more like the crazy trade hub it should be.



If he wasnt poor, he wouldnt be spamming this guff though

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It is your proper punishment for viewing jita local. Sorry, but you deserve it. :wink:


Interesting thing is that he apparently upped his game (or I’m just online more and pay more attention) and is now cycling through several characters per day. I got 3 reported in Amarr alone today.

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Will they?


Only one serious solution, remove hypernet from the game its a naff system that’s just ■■■■.


As long as people play it, it makes CCP monies and so itll stay, simples.

Figure out a scam using it though, and see how long it lasts.


Is this Jita Local?


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CCP makes money out of this so they will not remove it. The best way is to just not watch the local in trade hubs.

Reporting bots is pointless, as they are always back. CCP would have to implement something that would also hit all hyperscam spam and that they will not do.

All the linking to hypersomething should be disabled and people only using the hyperscam window.

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It’s not even just the trade hubs now, I was messing around with missions in the backblocks* of New Eden and one of these spams popped up.
(used to be a main route but the Pakhshi-Irgrus gate seems to have changed that :woman_shrugging:)

that orca ■■■■ is basically a meme at this point lol

No… I’m afraid they won’t…
There’s noobs to fleece after all, and that’s an endeavor more worthy of their time.

I had an idea, I don’t know if it would work, but as I understand that the State of Florida has separate taxes for gambling.
The hypernet is definitely gambling.
CCP is the only one making a real world profit off of it.
I wonder what would happen if the state of Florida suddenly became aware that they’re not getting their taxes… It could be entertaining to find out. Knowing the belligerents of Florida I would be willing to bet it would hit the news and other states would get cranky that Florida got their cut first.

If this did happen it would be REALLY entertaining to find out how much CCP had to fork out because of these bots and see how fast the bot problem got solved.

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Call them. Let them know.

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Im sure the internet counts the same in that regard as a ship does.

Itll only be Iceland’s rules that apply or something.

Also the cash is prelaundered, twice I think (once to PLEX and once again to Hypercubes or whatever)

But if anyone can think of a good way to wreck this garbo, I have 150 odd Hypercubes Id give em to help trash it


The funniest ■■■■ is that after I block these accounts and a couple other spammers, Jita local chat is totally freaking dead. Like, no messages for 15-20 minutes.

And then a new scammer posts another Hypernet.

The Hypernet is pretty protected against scams, sadly. The only thing I can think of is spamming it with garbage offers, but the issues with that is you have to pay lots of hypercores.