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When it first came out and they gave us all a few of those I threw them out.

I actually contacted a few people about this, one was the Monroe county tax clerks office, they got VERY curious and wanted to know which game I was talking about. I suddenly didn’t want to tell them.

As far as ships go though they have to be in international waters unless they have licences for gambling.

Right, and thats why I said Iceland.

Im basically saying if Poker123 and MrGreen snd all that crap gets away eith it legally, this space tombolla isnt exactly going to worry the FBI

So CCP responded. His throwaway alts was banned. But in reality, new throwaway alts being made every day and he is still here. Local players (not just) in trade hubs are giving up and stops reporting him as bot. CCP fails big time in this matter. Nonstop stream of blue-yellow spam will forewer annoy local chat from now on :frowning:

I hate to tell you, but as someone who works with a lot of county workers, there isnt a county worker in this country who will possibly care about possible gambling taxes from an Icelandic space game.

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I don’t see the need for Local in any of the trade hubs unless you’re actively looking for a player and even then, the posts section of the chat window can be reduced to a thin column to where the text is barely visible and certainly unreadable so Local is perfectly usable as is.
When I enter a trade-hub system I just minimize Local. Problem solved.

I have an easy solution: Hide all messages containing HyperNet offers for people who have the HyperNet disabled. It won’t autoban the bots but its a good start.

He has been banned again for the 3rd time now. Got another nice batch of mails recently.

Yeah i often get mails about his alts being banned, he however hasn’t and he i unlikely to unless he screws up on his main, not to mention CCP make money from the hypernet