I am coming back

Greetings fellow scumbags. I am coming back to kill everyone. I’m old school look me up but I look forward to the mayhem and new learning curve. Fly the old stuff fantastic gotta learn the new stuff. Hell when I left we still used “eve fit” to fit our ships. looking forward to the challenge.


Welcome back… I guess.

I am assume not coming back to the beggars alliance you use to travel with.

You mean Thorn.?.. No I am going solo I got allot of kills outside them. I was in many alliances please specify.


I moved my four Coffin sitters from PL to Goons a few year ago before I came back to EVE in 2020, rolled a new char and sold all my null assets chars last year.

Good to see another old schooler. I have been in Thorn, Nc dot, Raiden. PL, Test, AAA. INIT , and with Helo knight and allot more also ran a merc corp back in the day when eve was fun.

Well I am enjoying EVE a lot more now that I take it less seriously. Log in shoot stuff chat with the alliance mates log off.

For many return players the changes will be a bit jarring as people have become more intolerant of pvp in general. I do miss null and low a bit, but do not miss tidi or drops or null politics. :upside_down_face:. Arazu decloak here comes the hammer.

I am going small gang pvp with my two sons. Hope its still viable. are any of those old alliances still around?

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The only ones that really matter on that list is INIT and NC. But in INIT as part of the Imperium you have a lot less blues, you get to shoot horde and frat that feed like crazy. Test cannot even muster 20 people to defend their structures anymore.

I just do hisec wardec now and frat gave us 200bill in kills so far.

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I thought high sec wardecks were dead that was my first corps in the game max yarr, project nemesis and STFU, That’s why I went to low/ null sec

So how bad is it for an old school pvp guy?

The old Days…EVE Online Crucible - The Assisted Suicide of a Nyx, Jan 2 2012 - YouTube

I use to run with another character called Cannibal Kane doing 1 man wardecs.

I do not want to use to phrase “it is worse”, just that it is different. The changes has made it harder and people had to adapt but it is not as easy to make people pay for ■■■■ talking like it use to be.

Either way, I am enjoying EVE and if you are willing to not remanence about the past and learn the new and take advantage of it you will be fine. :slight_smile: People still share a lot of salt when they are killed.

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Butt-hurt bitter-vet much?

Checked your zkillboard. 3218 kills with only 26 solo. F1 monkey confirmed.


the last few solo kills all look like they were floaters

I love the Eve forums. It is like a moat full of crocodiles.

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And a destructive little Cannibal, weren’t we?

Dunno about that. I got more SP and kills with this char by far.

But that does not matter, I am having fun. :slight_smile:


Fly at me!

That a great description

Poor guy comes back and people jump on him, I’m going to follow his adventures with all this killing he promises

If your scallywag butt ever ventures into Black Rise we will generously send ammo in your direction, from one pirate to another.