I am looking for a new home (PVE mining corp, sov)


I am looking for a new home (PVE mining corp)
I have a lot of experience, 4 active accounts (18 temporarily inactive)

I am looking for a corporation with a rent sove space, no pvp required

Requirements for the alliance/corp :
Production titans, supers itc.

Preferred Guristas region

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Pm me in game, we might have what you’re looking for.

WH mining along with high sec pacman mining, supplemented with pve missioning and drifter site hunting in C4 and c5.

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write me ingame



Only 0.0 sov, no WH or HS

Kuku i used to think the same until really gave WH space a go. The resources you gain from moon mining and planet industry are miles ahead of 0.0 space, there are issues with access, which can be a double edge sword. One is it limits what pvp players can bring in their fleets, it also allows for short runs to highsec when entry point open in highsec.
Anyhow if you what to chat about it or other things just yell. :slight_smile:

IN WH I can not build supers/titans :wink:

Party True, though you can get better resources from WH, and setting up an 0.0 station isnt hard to setup.

Question would be is it profitable? We have found some key items that provide huge margins for the least amount of time and isk. Yes i know titans and supers sale for huge isk, but the profit margin isnt that good. Our corp currently make capitals, but mainly for pvp use, we have talked about supers and titans for the c5.

Yes you’re right able not being to move titans, super and in some cases capital ships out of WH space, though you can make componants in WH and ship out to an 0.0 station, and other things.

The best way to make isk in wormhole is to rat and without using Caps, the maximum amount you can make is 200m/h.

Are you looking to mine and do industry because you like it or do you want to just make isk?

Never use cap other than for defence. Yip the hunting is a good return with the right fleet.

As for mining and industry, you can actually make more than hunting, as its constantly generating isk, hunting has down periods between sites and running costs.

Other way to look at it is there is always a requirement for replacement ships and comsumables(ammo, drones, extra), if no one makes them then the hunters and pvper would run out of supplies and be forced to start mining and industry, and we know how much those player love that.

The only place I,d use cap is in a c6 where you make 2.8b/h and there are almost no corp with a c6 static. Most people ratting in C6 Rats in AUTZ.

I wouldn’t really consider making money on hunting as a way to make isk. Yes, it happens and it’s nice but it’s not constantly generating isk which is what you would want if you are looking for an activity that get you isk on a daily basis.

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No WH pls


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