I am looking to buy a full Capital Part BPO for NYC or hel

I am looking for a full Capital BPO Collection and willing to shell out the isk for it.

Let me see what you have to offer

are you willing to do it in pieces, or does it need to be a full collection? I have 4 Capital BPO’s that are 10/20:
Capital Power Generator
Capital Propulsion
Capital Shield Emmitter
Capital Siege Array

and 2 others that are finishing 8/16
Capital Doomsday
Capital Turret hardpoint

Changing my focus so would be willing to sell these.

how much do you want for all of these?

I could do 12B on all 6.


What do you mean by “Full” collection, and how much isk? I have 7x Titan BPOs (all ME7 or ME8), 7x Supercarrier BPOs (all ME9), at least one of every normal capital, and about 200x component BPO’s (all ME10 TE20), more than enough to make all the above as they copy… all in worth well over a trillion isk… if you are talking that kind of “full”, shoot me an evemail and can discuss.

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More looking for just 1 of each capital part and a Nyx or hel bpo. Guess I should have clarified that

If you are only getting a couple supercarriers, you dont want one of each part, you want the right ratio of parts or youll always be short on some and too much of others.

I do have a lot of extra Drone Bay BPO’s that you will mostly need for supercarriers (or regular carriers) ill sell at or below current contract value.

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Message me in game with your package deal offer:)

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