I can not log in to the test server

please help, I can’t log in to the TS server, the nickname on the main server is [account name redacted -ISD Dorrim Barstorlode], the nickname is Phantom Asasin, Country is Ukraine

What happens with the test server Singularity (often called SiSi) is that the entire main server we play on - Tranquility (TQ) - is mirrored to it every once in a while as CCP gets around to it (no schedule that I am aware of).
So on the test server your situation and stuff might be as it was weeks or more before. If your EvE account was made before the test server mirror is updated, SiSi doesn’t even know you exist yet.

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Typically 3-4 months between mirrors.
You will have to be patient and wait…

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