I can not spend my ISK

I can not spend my ISK from my wallet to buy items to fit my ship.
Now I have around 17.000.000 of ISK and when I buy some items, the windows show me 0 ISK and I can not buy anything.
In the last days, I moved everything from Malukker to Ivar.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered to help figure this out. A screenshot is worth a thousand posts in this case, I think.

The move won’t make a difference, ISK doesn’t care about location.

What window is showing you 0 isk, and how do you know you have 17mil isk?

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When you try to buy something is it an item in Ivar? Or somewhere else such as Rens?

Which window is showing 0 ISK? - could you post a screenshot? I’m not sure I understand the problem from the description - it’s not an issue I’ve had but I’ll help if I can.

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In my wallet show me now 19.286.386 ISK, when I fit my venture ship I want to buy two basic drones Acolyte I, I select Fit Ship, next select Buy All, and the windows show 0 ISK.

“…the window show 0 ISK.”

This makes no sense to me either. Which window? Can you show a screenshot?

Also, have you tried purchasing the drones outside the “Buy All” screen?

I am beginning to suspect those drones may not be available in your station, and that is preventing you from buying them via “Buy All” window.


Looks like a multibuy setting issue. There is likely none for sale in the station you are docked in.

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I was doing the same with another ship and is the same issue, 0 ISK

OK, that is a buy order issue - as @CowRocket_Void says it’s part of multibuy.

The default buy is for the station you are in - if there’s none of the items for sale in the station then it’ll show blank for the price and not let the immediate buy order go through.

Click on the fat = sign to the right of the UK team in the buy order and it opens the market window for that item - then you can see where in the Region the item is for sale. Probably at Rens about three jumps from where you are.

The items are made and sold by players so not everything is available everywhere - early on in Eve’s history several trade centres formed where the market is quite active. Rens is one.

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Yup, that Red 0 is saying that your COST is 0 ISK. The drones aren’t available where you are, so you can’t buy them.

You’ll need to travel to a place that has those drones available, and then you’ll see the cost go up, and be able to buy them, (assuming you can afford them).

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Ohh hell !!! thanks a lot. That is to say, In my actual station is not possible to buy anything, I need to find the items in another station ??

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Yeah, use the real market window, it shows locations. You can right click them and set desto and fly there. As you seem new to Eve, stay out of low sec if your route or desto is there.

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Onethoer question ??, It is possible to stay in a station when all kinds of stuff are available ??

Every station has it’s own market (the items “exist” at that station with their own prices). You can move items from one station to another, and potentially buy an item at a low price, move it, and sell it at a higher price.

There are some stations, known as “trade hubs”, that will likely have everything you need for awhile…but even those stations aren’t guaranteed to have EVERYTHING, nor are they necessarily at the best price. Shop around!

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Send me the ISK and I’ll purchase the items for you.

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C’mon, for these little fellas you don’t want any money!

Three jumps from Ivar, in Rens, you gonna find all you need for your everyday tasks.

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Yes, you can move to and stay in a station where all kinds of stuff is available, Rens VI - Moon 8 - Brutor Tribe Treasury, is one of many stations, aka Trade Hubs, located in the game.

As others have said, don’t use the multibuy option in the Fitting Screen, it’s better to open the actual Region Market window and use that to purchase items which will allow you to see prices and locations of the items you want.


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