I can't connect to the test server

Good afternoon. Please tell me, I can’t connect to the test server When I log in, he writes that a verification email has been sent to you, when I click verify in the received email, he goes to the official service page and writes that Email verification failed, we are unable to verify your email address at this time/ Please try again later/ And so two days already.

When did you join the game? If it was the past few months you wont have access yet, until a new mirror is done

I returned to the game a little over one month ago

You most likely have to wait until the next mirror, which should be very soon

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Can’t log into Sing test server. My account was created in 2009. Played until 2013, took a 9 year break, came back to playing EVE in dec of 2022.

Did you change your password upon returning? If so, you are locked out until the next mirror

Same here. I read topics in this forum and it seems to be dead?

Read my reply from 3 months ago.

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