I can't register and login to Tripwire!

I returned to the game yesterday with a new account and profile. I thereafter remembered Tripwire and would like to create a new account for the new EVE online profile. I’m prompted to register and login with EVE Online. I firstly “register” an account by login into my EVE online profile, where it returns " Congratulations, Your account was created, Your username and password can be set via the Tripwire settings once logged in., Log into Tripwire now via SSO!". Then it prompts me to login with EVE Online. After login in to the same account it returns the error message “No Tripwire account for that character”.

Anyone know how I can create an account without using the EVE Online SSO, or making it actually make an account for me to log into?

Thanks in Advance,

I’ve been doing some more research about tripwire and other alternatives such as pathfinder (which I know works) which one should I take the time to learn and which is better for exploring and mapping wormhole space?

This can be caused by a EVE ESI API connection issue - there is no graceful error message at the moment.

I did check and there is not character in Tripwire for “BossyMr” - perhaps try registering one more time. I’ll take a more in-dept look of what could have gone wrong in the mean time.

Also note that there is a dedicated Tripwire thread, a Tripwire issue tracker, and a Tripwire discord - which would be better places to ask for help, I just happen to run across this thread.

Use pathfinder, feature wise it is the best. Downside is the public server can be slow when lots of pilots are using it

Having the exact same issue with an account created through Steam.

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