Tripwire and Short Circuit

I can log into my Eve account, all set there.
I can get Tripwire running and log in, all set there.
I can see in Tripwire the mapping done by my corporation, Signal Cartel.
I have downloaded and have on my desktop Short Circuit.
Short Circuit launches fine. What I am unable to do is get Short Circuit (SC) to connect to and draw information from Tripwire.
Selecting the Tripwire button on SC, I use my Tripwire user name and password. I get “Tripwire Error. Check url/user/pass.” I obviously have no clue if the url is correct but I know I am entering my Tripwire user name and password correctly.
Selecting the Log in with EvE button on SC, I get a message " error “invalid_scope”
|error_description|“The requested scopes either don’t exist, or are not valid for this client”|

To test if SC was working, I entered a high sec to wormhole connection I can see in Tripwire. SC says no connection exists so I conclude SC is not communicating with Tripwire.

Any ideas on how I can get Short Circuit to work? Thanks

What is the network configuration you’re supposed to input for the two to talk?

Doesn’t need to be specifics, just I need to wrap my head around the “config” so I can suggest to you how to confirm if the two are talking or if they are not talking.

You could be getting blocked by a number of things, ports not open, firewall blocking site, dns server blocking site, firewall content filtering, ISP filtering.

It all is quick to check, depending on if you are expected to know the network config for the two to talk.

Thank you Alistair_Atreides for responding:

Let me go through what I have done and now know:

Short Circuit (SC) has three ways to import the data needed to function. Something called Crest, which I have not even bothered with, is the first. Second is to log in through Eve Online but SC was never updated for the changes made by Eve Online so that is no good. The third is to log into Tripwire directly from SC, which is the approach I am attempting.

Here is what I think may be pertinent: One of the options when SC logs into Tripwire is to include the Eve Scout Thera wormhole connections as part of the data imported. I get the “Tripwire error: Check URL/User/Pass” each time I try to log into Tripwire from SC, however it does pull in the Eve Scout Thera wormhole connections. As such, I would conclude SC and Tripwire are in fact communicating. What I am not getting imported into SC is my character and corporation (Signal Cartel) data.

The conclusion one would draw is I screwed up entering my (Tripwire) user name or password in SC. I have done it correctly multiple times, even to the point of copying and pasting between the two log in screens. I can log into Tripwire every time but SC still gives me the same message.

Attempting to answer some of your comments: I have disabled all protection on my Windows 7 OS and Firefox browser and no different result.

You ask, “What is the network configuration you’re supposed to input for the two to talk?”…. I have no clue how to even answer that question but it does appear they are communicating.

You ask: “You could be getting blocked by a number of things, ports not open, firewall blocking site, dns server blocking site, firewall content filtering, ISP filtering.” I think it is at the account level not at the software level.

I have tried this with all three of my Eve characters and the result is always the same. Tripwire is working fine for all three characters.

One other thing which I am not sure if it is pertinent:
On the github site that sponsors SC it says: “Short Circuit (previously known as Pathfinder) is a desktop application which is able to find the shortest path between solar systems (including wormholes) using data retrieved from Eve SDE and 3rd party wormhole mapping tools. The application is able to run on all systems where Python and PySide vesion 1.2.4 are supported.”

Windows 7 apparently does not include (not sure what supported means) Python if that matters.

The python question can be eliminated if it was originally working on your system before. If not then it should be an easy variable to fix since installing Python’s libraries is free.

I would think installing SC would have set all that up

Thank you Alistair. I went back to the original site where I found the program and read through the blog postings. This was a known issue and the original developer stopped working on the program without fixing it. However, he did post a link to a different site where a third person fixed the error. Bottom line, I downloaded the fixed version and it is working perfectly. Thanks again for your help.

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Awesome dude glad to hear!

I am having the same issue as you describe. However, I have not been able to find the link to the working version of SC. Would you be willing to post the link you found please?

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