I Could Do Better [ICDB] Alliance is recruiting USTZ corporations

I Could Do Better [ICDB] is an alliance based in Thera J-Space that specializes in using the Thera network to bring joy to the rest of New Eden with our overviews.

What we are looking for.

  • Desire to kill nerds.
  • Primarily USTZ.

That’s it. If your active members are just 1 or 2 nerds we might ask you to consolidate to one of our current corps but we are pretty understanding on people wanting to keep their own culture and identity.

What we offer your corporation.

  • Content, our access to different areas of space literally changes daily.
  • Content creators, your nerds are bored, face it. We can help with that problem.
  • Active discord and tons of support from other members
  • Chill leadership, no fleet requirements, no fees, just have fun and fly with us.

Any questions or you want to inquire on joining message Original Rude Boy or Jason Flamerad in game or join our discord.

Our Killboard

Yummy Golems.

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