I.D. Job number

Hi not sure if this the right place for this question.

A director(unknown) in the corp has been using the corp wallet to finance his industry jobs. Is there anyway to trace who it was with the I.d. Job number.

Thank you.

It will be because he has started the job from a corp hanger - any corp job works that way.

Go to the industry tab and see what corp jobs there are - that will tell you the character that started it

Gimme his name and I’ll see he has a very bad week.

Should be doable yes. The journal should give you a jobID and then just reference the industry jobs endpoint for the installer.

You can install personal jobs using the corp wallet to pay for installation fees, so you’ll need personal API keys if you don’t find any corp jobs.

So you have so many directors in your corp that you have no idea who it is that is running this job?

Can i be a director in your corp?

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