I.D. Job number

(Ramdon GirlOne) #1

Hi not sure if this the right place for this question.

A director(unknown) in the corp has been using the corp wallet to finance his industry jobs. Is there anyway to trace who it was with the I.d. Job number.

Thank you.

(Kithran) #2

It will be because he has started the job from a corp hanger - any corp job works that way.

Go to the industry tab and see what corp jobs there are - that will tell you the character that started it

(Disney's Magic Kingdom) #3

Gimme his name and I’ll see he has a very bad week.

(Jeronica) #4

Should be doable yes. The journal should give you a jobID and then just reference the industry jobs endpoint for the installer.

(Elizabeth Norn) #5

You can install personal jobs using the corp wallet to pay for installation fees, so you’ll need personal API keys if you don’t find any corp jobs.

(Solonius Rex) #6

So you have so many directors in your corp that you have no idea who it is that is running this job?

Can i be a director in your corp?

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