I found this. someone recongnize this?

Why does New Eden use weapon like 10,000 years?

The Absense of Human Being of Our Space

The memorandum for wake people up

Authour: [_____], The human right []


Secret Grade: XX

Archive: Historic Black Site [_________________]

Found in : yLsanw1lG[]ULJbJkJmjbFr+4A4x[]8Ob+rMi[]A38esR[]UaIaHS[_]OUAyQCGvX/g==

No Data in any data bank
Paper written by lead compound
Blanks can not be figured out or High value secrets. and something or one erase it before it has found


** TOP SECRET: Grade 0 **


** TOP SECRET: Grade VII **

About Math

I want to say the conclusion first. We, Every Person and Capsuleer, don’t know anything of [], although this civilization survive in this spaces for [] []. Before I [] first origin capsule, I, { “Name”: “------- ------”}, the Novel Prize Winner and [___________] - It’s may not matter of yours - didn’t expect this future. and I sleep Even 10,000 years. Anyway the important thing is we - now include me - have no any technology. You may don’t understand and believe. but it’s true. Oh! I forgot this. Do you know the [__] Y[] C[]V?

Let me ask a question. What do you learn in the school War Academy or Fed. University. Did you hear of Mathmatics? You may say yes. but How much? As [_________________________], I have been too surprised to think what to do first before awaken. Endlesss War? Overtechnology? Pirates and numerous psychopasses capsuleers? CONCORD? [____________________] jove.

That is nothing, compare with the shock of prehistoric technology. Before we start discuss I want to ask to you. How many information do you know about just a drone fly? Where is the classics of the science? Who studies of Human Right? I write the word “Still” Very many times. That means there’s so much things like [____________________] that is not changed, or can’t change.

Sharp things

Our very old earth ancestor make the rifling, 10,000 years after, from first recorded history. that changes many flows of time on the planet earth. You must know about “Falloff” that the bullets interact quite diffrent way, but which is quite simiar or almost same with the idea on Ballistics. Let us think how technology is still same for twenty-thousand-decades-year - from end of prehistoric of earth to now.

On the other idea, [____________] not surprise things. Sometime I regret of the face of shocked first. Imagine the sharp thing. some of us think the laser weapon but it is not different with sharp stone. First earth civilization uses fire and sharp stone. it begin gather just sharp ones, it evolved to axe heads, functures and sword by grind to other stone. And the fire and sharp one is combined. that is the bullet. Missiles? It is the another version - or name of bullet, Hugh bullet or Another bullets of the weapon.

Can you Imagine that? Human being is still use same thing for 20,000 years. Not only sharp ones. there’s also 1. sounds - dozen [__________]-, 2. media process like [______________________], 3. [] lauguage - It specially doesn’t changed very very []. Even it is the most [].- In some how, there’s nothing changed, except the space we are living in. By the way, sword the beauty weapon is still using in nowadays in gorund battle filed.


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Just exactly where did you find this?

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