I got a small bot issue

Now this isn’t meant as another ban them etc thread read on and maybe you have some useful info for me.
I have 1 dead end nullsec system set up for some casual rating both of my neighbouring systems each have 4-5 bots in them running rattlesnakes.
Now my issue is everytime I log on a character belonging to my neighbor bot corp logs in 30 sec to 1min after me,there is noone in the system so how do the bots know I’m loging in?
My play times aren’t fixed so it can’t be just lucky .

Do you have anyone on your contacts that might also have you on their contacts as buddies?

If both of you have each other in your contacts list as buddies, they’ll still get a notification when you login.

If you are unsure, delete all your contacts, then they can’t have visibility without being in system.

You may appear in some chat channel?

Where else do you login? Teamspeak, Discord…

Who has an API key to read out your char info? Checking your location information once a minute would be enough to know when to log in, for example.

I don’t have any of the bots added as contacts as far as being in a channel perhaps Intel channel but that shouldn’t work unless I type something there.

I make use of discord with my corp yes as far as api I only gave it out upon joining for security check.

Come to think of it api seems the only reasonable way to do it still it’s odd for me since I didn’t give the key to the bots or make it anyway public.

Did you report the bots?

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Yea I reported them they vanished for 1 day after reporting then got back to work

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It could be a third party that is linked to the bots though.

The guy running the bots has:

Character 1 with whom you have mutual contacts.
Characters 2-N are his bots.
He sees you on Character 1 and then logs in Characters 2-N.

I’d also say, report them again.


Maybe it uses some data from the corporation window, but its delayed 5 minutes… Or my corporation members in space from map. Maybe something similar to how dotlan makes their maps with so much data, maybe this corporation data is available somehow to botter.

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