I have a problem

Hello all,

Returning old school multi char here. Used to be active in null sec with great joy, but went offline for many years. Now returning, but find that many null corps demand access to my mails.

I won’t allow that, because I’ve made promises many years ago that I will respect the privacy of the ones that are in my mailbox (all of them offline since many years). Result is that, so far at least, all have turned me down for me not allowing access to the mails of any of my chars. But a promise made, is a promise kept, that’s how I tick.

To each his own, your corp, your rules. I understand that, no hard feelings.

So I’m looking for a decent null corp that would allow me on those terms, so I can determine if I still like this game. In return you’ll get an old school char with currently noob awareness, capable of making costly mistakes and make you pull your hairs out because of all of that stupidity of mine.

So be carefull what you wish for… :wink:

I do promise to give it my best if you manage to inspire me. But for now I’m just looking to see if this is still the game for me, because HS is boring.

All I ask for is that you give me a chance, see how it goes, distrust me, give me no access but the bare minimum like docking rights. Because, honestly, I’m searching, wanting to participate, looking for what I once enjoyed in null. Currently I’m barely online.

This char has SP in Fleet Support, Interdiction, and such, but I wouldn’t recommend you to trust my skills and experience (and the trust you might put in me) until proven to your satisfaction, because I’m still trying to find out if this game is still right for me. And what I once knew from the heart I currently lack.

My other chars are mostly skilled in sniper and manufacturing/invention. It’s unlikely however that my industry char is going to transfer to whatever anytime soon. But perhaps I could build you something?

Hope to hear from some serious person. And it might be that if you do want to engage in conversation with me you better send me an invite ingame (but this char is offlne a lot currently). Thank you all.

Greetings, Deadonstick


Null well be a hard sell at its standard practice to have to give your esi to the Corp or alliance you’re with. Just too many ppl trying to be spies or awoxers to not allow it would be a welcome invitation for those players to infiltrate. We do esi token here but no one reads mails unless that person is accused of being a spy. Good luck with your search.

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LOL mail access?

No way bruv.

Hey we aren’t a Null Sec group, but we would love to have you. The mail situation isn’t a problem for us as we have very little to keep Op Sec. We live over in Ostingele (middle of Fac Warfare space so we get content). If you’d like to hear more about us feel free to reach out to me (Reason Redemption) or message me on discord (Reason#3022).

Fly Reckless,
Reason Redemption

your such a spy ! goons will take u in… no in all seriousness i think that deleted mails dont show up in APi checks - pretty sure you can delete and do an api check on yrself to find out ? whether thats the case or not I doubt any alliance will take u in after reading this post… good luck fella, where ever you end up…Ed.

I pretty much agree. Access to my innards tells me you’re putting way too much “meaning” into this game. If you don’t like me, blow me up and kick me out. If I don’t let you see my communications and you don’t trust me, don’t share the keys to the store with me.

There is a reason why these things are required. An example; last week we had someone apply. They provided their API key as required. From that we were able to form a picture that the person wasnt being genuine in their intentions. A voice interview with the answers they provided also had us deciding they were not going to be a good person to invite to corp.

But, another corp in the coalition didnt do the same screening and let them in. Within 15 mins of joining, the person who appeared to be not genuine had found a ratting carrier in space which belongs to another party of the coalition (which would have seen them as blue) and then cyno’d in some friends to kill it.

Perhaps you should consider deleting those mails or forwarding them to an alt if they hold sentimental value. But if you want to be part of any organisation that has any substantial substance, you will need to provide full access.

This meme is an exaggeration, but theres just so much more at stake than in other MMOs.

Thank you to all that responded ingame and here. Corps determine their own rules and for good reasons, I’m sure. For me to have posted this is to be honest about my intentions and reasons, because honesty last the longest. In RL things are a bit busy currently, but I’ll certainly respond to each and every invitation. Thanks again.

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