"I have just as much faith in him as I do God." [Amarr One-Shot]


“Before taking charge of my House, my Father once told me there were days he wished he was just a beggar on the streets. I asked him why he wished that on himself… He told me he rather deal with honesty of thugs in alleyways than the treacherous snakes in courts. It has taken me… Some time to understand the sentiment of that. Took me a few mistakes to realize how much more blissful that sounds… Us Holders? We all wanna get ahead, and in doing that we can’t help but walk each other’s feet. Tempers flair, grudges are formed, alliances are made and schemes are formed… It’s a game we all know how to play. A game some of us know better than others. And much like with other games? There’s a winner and a loser.”

  • Dromand Liston

“I have just as much faith in him as I do God.”

February 1st YC 124

Uhodoh IV - Holdings of Lord Habrin - Ball room of the palace of House Teramont



“I see Habrin invited you…”

“As he did you…”

“Now, the big question is, WHY you accepted his invitation…?”

“Can ask the same of you…”

'Dromand! Is that a serious question?! You know damn well why I’m here… My business is trade, and I need to know people to trade with. This blowhard gets people twenty times more important than him here. I’ve already met a few logistic officers with the Navy and made a new friend in the Lai Dai Corporation!"

“I don’t see your parties bringing in anyone of similar prestige.”

“You’re talking like I invite you to mine.”

“No, but you do invite the right people…”

“Cheeky bastard… Alright, So why are you here then?”

“… Over there.”



“… Well if God didn’t just smack me across the face and call me handsome… One of Harbrin’s boys is courting your girl? In public no less?! Dromand! I thought you had standards!”

“I do… The boy is smart. Smarter than his father… Lot of potential with him. And my Vivlian has genuine feelings for him. Apparently they’re in the same Scripture study group.”

“Well… Didn’t think old-stonewall Dromand would ever let someone’s emotions matter to him-”

“-He’s the heir.”

< Bryln snapping his fingers >

“That’s it! That’s why…You’re trying to secure an alliance with Habrin…”

“Not with Habrin, with HIM. The boy.”

“You got that much faith in him? Sure he won’t just take your daughter and run?”

“I have just as much faith in him as I do God.”

“So when’s the marriage?”

“When it’s time.”

“Hell that’s supposed to me- Oooooh! Those people that you claim aren’t your friends but have these unexplained dealings with… That’s right! You’re trying to milk them for what it’s worth first… I doubt they want anything to do with you if your blood suddenly winds up in Habrin’s house.”


“It’s your gamble friend… Stop!”

< Bryln halting a slave and taking a wine glass from his platter >

“What is this?”

“A white wine from YC 33, milord. Grapes sourced from vineyards of Tash-Murkon Prime.”

“… Bastard… Doesn’t even slack on the drink.”

< Dromand taking a glass >

“You sound jealous.”

“Jealous? No I-… What are you doing? Go!”

< Slave scurrying off >

“… His drinks are good, but his slaves are an annoyance. Don’t know how to take a hint. You gotta spell it out for them!”

“Maybe it thought you weren’t done with it yet”

“My slaves know when we don’t need you. They actually understand body language like smart slaves and not like these fumbling field workers they got serving drinks… Also, you don’t ever wanna have a conversation around slaves in someone else’s holdings… Never know which ones are listening.”

“Noted… Oh no-”

“-Here he comes… You remember the act still, right ?”

“Of course.”


< Habrin walking over >

“Bryln! Dromand! So good to see you both made it!”

“Habrin! The atmosphere here is amazing! You know how to throw a party my friend!”

“Oh Bryln! You flatter me… Is Tisha here?”

“Yeah! She is! She’s over there I think. Speaking with Gabalen and Asrosh.”

“Ah! Well that can wait! Did I interrupt you two gentlemen?”

“Oh me and Bryln were just going back and forth about the old times and how Bryln here used to have a full head of hair that he’d swoon all the dames of Dam-Torsad with”

“Oh please! Hair or not. I’d still kill it-”

“-This guy!”

< The three of them ‘laughing’ >

“Oh! Marvelous!”

“Beyond that, me and Dromand were discussing inspirational quotes from the Pax Amarria. You should see this guy! He can recite the whole book from cover to end!-”

“-When I haven’t had any drink in me Bryln!”

< The three of them ‘laughing’ >

“Well! I have high respect for a man that’s well-read! We should talk about it sometime soon.”

“Put a note in with my advisor! We can schedule a lunch together!”

“Sounds good Dromand! Anyway - I’ll leave you two gentlemen alone. Let me know if there’s ANYTHING we can get you.”

“Habrin! You’re too good to us! We want for nothing more than what you’ve given us already…”

“What Bryln said. Your generosity so far is too much.”

“Please! You’re too kind! Consider it a standing offer! Now, where did you say Tisha might be?”

“Oh! Uh… Somewhere that way? By the food.”

“Ah! Good! Gentlemen…”

< Habrin walking away >





< Dromand spitting on the floor >

“Dandy ass prick… You’re seriously gonna put your bloodline in with his?”

“You don’t need to understand my plans…”

“Is there anything to understand?”

< Dromand sipping his wine >

“… Again, your gamble…”

“And what of your wife? She’s talking with Gabalen? The whore whose’s breath reeks of slave genitalia?”

“Yeah, you would know that scent, wouldn’t you?”


“Hey, you walked into that.”

“Regardless - I’ve seen you getting closer to her house, don’t think I’m not noticing your own little power moves…”

“I don’t have the faintest idea of what you’re talking about. Like I said, networking is my whole business. What’s there to be suspicious about?”

“Just making Observations…”

“Yeah, well I’d be making observations of Habrin’s little spawn over there instead of what I’m doing. Make sure your house is in order before you stick your nose in mine!”

“And miss out on all your secrets? Please. I love drama too much…”

“They got holo-reels for that now.”

“Yeah well-”

< Glass being tapped >

< Room going quiet >

“-The hell?”

< Dromand hushing Bryln >

" If I can have everyone’s attention, please."

“I thought he was going to speak to Tisha? What is he doing on stage?”

“I don’t know…”

“… It nearly brings me to tears seeing you all here today. Truly, I have been blessed with good fortune. To see my family, friends, associates and fellow Holders all here under my roof enjoying what I have to offer brings me a feeling like no other! God has given me this prosperity and it would be a sin to hoard it for myself. So please, eat what you want, drink what we have - all of this is my gift to you all!”

< Applause >

“… Where is he going with this.”

“Well, you said you liked drama…”

< Applause >

“Thank you! Thank you… < Ahem > Now!.. I must confess to being a bit deceptive about this gathering. See, at face value I invited you all here for a party for the sake of a party. I’ve brought you all here, for a purpose…For an announcement. However this is not an announcement I myself will make… Nor is it an announcement for one person to make alone. So, I requliesh the stage to not just my son and heir, but also the daughter of House Liston.”

< Applause >


“Oh! This is going to be good…”

< Appluase >

“… All my life I felt as If I was uncomplete-”

“-As if a part of me was missing.”

“Did God leave me unfinished-”

“-Or did God make this way for a purpose?”

“Did God put me on a quest to find this missing half-”

“-or to go on a wild chase for that which may not exist?”

“I realize now it was never about looking for my other half-”

“-rather it’s about combing my half with another!”

“Vivlian Liston, will you be the one to completle me? Will you announce before all today and God themselve that you would marry me.”

“Yes! Yes I would!”

< Thunderous applause and cheering >


< Bryln holding back his laughter >

“I swear an oath to be the husband Vivlian deserves, that will always be there for her. As such, I renounce my claim as heir to House Teramont!”

< Dromand dropping his glass >

“I will not let house politics get between me and my love. I wish only to devote myself to God, Vivlian and the family we hope to bring into this world! This, is all I want!”

“All we want!”

< Thunderous applause and cheering >



“I… I need to make some calls.”

< Dromand hurrying off >

“… Maybe Hebrin isn’t as dumb as I thought.”