I have two Omega accounts. Is it possible to pay to swap a character from one account to another

I want to take my freighter pilot from one account and swap it with a toon in the other account.

  • Bad skill planning on my part: I can then haul & do something else instead of just hauling.

I believe you can…the rules are the same as if it was between two different people.

I thought you needed an empty slot.

I want to - Concurrently - as a single action:

  • Take Abe out of account 1 and put him into Bart’s slot in account 2
  • Take Bart from account 2 and put him in Abe’s slot in account 1

That violates the rules as you need a free slot. You’ll have to open-up a 3rd account and it will take 3 transfers now…

Open a ticket and ask…maybe they will for only the cost of two transfers…

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this being done before. It will need to be done by a GM, and you pay for two character transfers.

Just make a support ticket and ask.


should be possible
open a ticken at

explain the situation

i think it was possible in the past but you need to pay for the service

thats true

make a ticket … talk to them … usually CCP will help if they can …


is it possible to kill/erase toon on the account?

yes, on character selection screen, click X

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