I keep hearing about npc's?

i keep hearing about npc markets and npc couriers but i was led to believe that eve online had no npc’s so if someone could tell me what the npc’s do and were to find them i would be most grateful.

There are certain items (mostly Blueprints for Tech 1 items) that are seeded by NPCs.

If you’re talking about NPCs that will move things from one station to another, those don’t exist.


Look for buy/sell orders with ~365 days expiry time (more than 90 anyways). Those are for example sell orders for blueprints and citadel cores, and buy orders for triglavian and sleeper loot, OPE boxes, etc.

You probably mean NPC Haulers.

There are 3 kinds of those:

  • Civilian ones from the olden days spawn around npc stations, they often have that station faction in their name. They carry some cheapish trade goods, warp around stations within a system. Station turrets might shoot at you if you kill them. They’re pretty much useless.

  • Pirate mining haulers. These are too a relic of olden days. They too are pretty useless. They are named something like “Gurista Hauler” but they are actually a frigate sized belt rat. Might carry a handful of minerals.

  • Badass diamond npc mining rats. They are a part of NPC Mining Operations - EVE University Wiki while miners mine asteroid belts, a hauler spawns from time to time and simulates hauling the ore to a local station. If belts are empty, a hauler will not spawn. If you attack them, they will warp out to a safespot and response fleet will come after you. BTW they don’t actually have “Hauler” in their name, instead they are named smthn like “Ducia Foundry Impel”, or “HZO Refinery Bestower”, so a faction name and actual hauler ship name. They might belong to one of 16 empire corps or 5 pirate factions. Those are quite lucrative to hunt - skins, meta mining upgades, mining drone BPCs, and ore.


I wouldn’t say they’re useless per say, but terribly unbalanced compared to the other special belt spawns.

Pirate haulers drops tons of minerals, but IIRC they need a very large cargo hold to move around. Freighter level of cargo in nullsec.

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Well, if you want, you could consider Asset Safety as a form of courier NPC.


and where would i find these npc markets ??

In your market window. They are a normal part of all buy and sell orders.
In fact, Jita 4-4 is also an NPC market, situated in an NPC station, so the taxes go to an NPC corp (= ISK sink), while the Keepstar in Perimeter is a player managed market.

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