NPC sellers

Hello, i just read that there is “NPC sellers” How i can buy from them?

The only things that are sold by NPCs are skill books, blueprint originals, and a few odd and end commodity items. Every module, ship, drone, and ammo type in the game are sold by players.

The market in EVE is ran by players, not NPCs…

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Thank you QuakeGod, it is that i want to buy blueprints, or Planetary Industry / Command Centers / Advanced Barren Command Center for 3,700,000.00 ISK . At Durvolle : Vivanier V - Moon 3 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory. How do i proceed to buy ? Thank you

the same way you buy anything from the market
go there, double click on the item, pay…
may i suggest you to join a newbie-friendly corp to learn the basics? eve-uni?

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You would have to travel to that station and access the regional market there (ALT R).

Not sure what area of space you’re in, but that particular station looks to be about 40 jumps out from Amarr…

Thank you QuakeGod, i have understand now :slight_smile: The market is run buy capsuleers and npc. We can buy to a capsuler but not directly to a npc. Like i was thinking possible … at a “product price” lol
Thank you very much for the help. Fly Safe :slight_smile:

You can see what items are being purchased by or sold by any NPC faction. In this case for Vivanier V - Moon 3 - Duvolle Laboratories Factory:

Then Supply / Demand for what is being sold vs what is being purchased.

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