NPC Demenad - Trading


I bought stuff from market then i went to a location to sell it,That has better price.
Shocked me that the amount they want is 117 so i sold the first one of the stack.

Then i did it second time.

Then the Demand went more Down.
Note that i sold only 234 unit which worth of 72K ISK.

After that no way for me to sell cause you know the Tax not to mention
the stuff i bought for haulling …ETC

Really how am supposed to get ISK by this way???

I request a considration for the NPC Demand which need
an increase for the amount they buy.

Or you could learn to check the market before you buy things? There are tons of things that NPC sell hundreds of thousands of units and buy hundreds of thousands of units. And you could also maybe educate yourself a bit about NPC goods trading because their demand is infinite and follows specific patterns. Just saying.

Yeah i know about that there is some goods has demand with Thousnds in number.
But try to profit from it via buying and selling only.

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