Buying out the Market

So I’m at a station and I select to buy the max amount of a item. I make the transaction but it still shows up there is more at the same price. Can you not buy an entire stack out?

Normally, yes.

Most orders are from other players and will be cleared as you buy them. There are however, still a small number of NPC orders on the market for things like skillbooks or some basic trade goods, and these do not seem to behave the same. At least I have seen them not decrease when I buy some.

It’s also possible your market listing isn’t sorted properly and you bought an order that was off the bottom of your window. Double check that.

Also, you can’t buy from a specific stack. you always buy from the lowest priced stack in the range you specify.

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I see different possibilities (some were already mentioned):

  • NPC trade goods run dry, but reemerge with new prices. And I’ve never seen skill books being sold out.
  • Perhaps you’re not sorting by price. If you buy, you always buy from the cheapest, no matter which price you are paying.
  • There can be identical offers with the same price at the same market.
  • Sometimes you see offers which were already bought within the last seconds. If you try to buy them, you receive a message that it’s already sold. Some of them you may have bought yourself.

PS: At the moment it looks like there are some market issues in the software anyway.

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