Noob question

I want to buy a ship, I’m in the place it is available but I really don’t know why it doesn’t let me buy it. I mean, it says “broker found no match for your order. Others might have been before you, or your quotes might be outdated”. there are 74 of the same ship available. Help

Try refreshing the market window - it is possible the seller happened to be editing their order when you tried to buy from it and the price changed. Beyond that, I’m not sure what could be happening.

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i just did what you said, i dont know it keeps appearing the same message

Are you right-clicking on the cheapest sell order and clicking buy from there, or are you trying to place a buy order by selecting a copy of the item elsewhere (like in an info window) and selecting ‘buy’ there? These produce slightly different results, and the latter may be entering invalid price data for an ‘immediate’ buy order.

im doing the “place buy order” method you said

If there are multiple sell orders that make up the 74 total available, the game can get confused and not successfully split across the orders. Try asking for a quantity no greater than that of the smallest individual order listing and see if that works. Also double check that it didn’t edit the price field to be less than the cheapest sell order, as that would also fail.

i see, thank you

You might also save some cash if you select one of the open sell orders and buy from it directly, since you won’t be ‘placing a buy order’ and thus won’t have any broker fees.

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