I N C U B U S - Recruiting Small and Medium Gang PVPers


I N C U B U S is a small pvp corporation within The Skeleton Crew [MEAN].
We operate in mid to late prime US Timezone. We are looking for PVP pilots that want to have fun and be part of building an alliance.

Members gain exclusive access to

  • PVP Content
  • Active Leadership
  • Laid Back RL friendly alliance
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Corp and Alliance Buyback programs
  • Freight Services
  • Boundless Opportunities

Corp Requirements

  • 10 Million Skillpoints (15+ Million preferred)
  • Active PVP US Timezone
  • Pass an ESI check for all characters
  • Participate in fleets
  • Good communication skills
  • Good Mic Mumble/Discord/Teamspeak
  • Can joke with the bros

Interested? Come on over to our Discord!

Recruiter: Sickick
Diplomat: Heavy Ion Blaster II

Bumpity bump bump!

Looking for a few select people to take on corporate leadership responsibilities.

Hop on Discord and @Sickick to learn more!

Bumpy Jumpy Yumpy!

Kikimora pilots needed! Booshers welcome! :smiley:

Bump bump bump! The weekend is free! Come on over and hit me up in discord!

Looking for more dedicated PVP’ers to join our ranks!

This past week has been super slow because of all the server issues.
Things are starting to look up again and most of us can log in again! @ me on discord!

Bumpity bumpz!

Dedicated PVP’ers welcome! Come say Hi!

Tired of pressing F1?

Come say Hi !!!

Searching for dedicated pvpers to join our ranks!

Drop a line!

Recruiting skilled and dedicated PVP’ers to join our ranks!

Drop in discord and say hi! :slight_smile:

LF More Salt Miners

Service guarantees citizenship!

LF for more PVP’ers!!!

Cap Pilots Especially welcome!

Looking for more dedicated PVP’ers to join our ranks!

Come on discord and say Hi; see if you qualify for some of our SIG’s!

Bumpity Bumpz

Recruiting PVPers! Come say Hi in Discord!

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