I need members to join my corp REDQ who are experienced!

I have now collected all ores three kinds of each ore in 0.9 and 0.7 sectors! I tried to go to sectors 0.4 or lower sectors but got destroyed! I need members to join my corp REDQ in eve online who are experienced and helpful and patient! I need help with the part of making millions in eve online and fitting and all of that and I need players to join my corp who would be like partners to me and help get me richer and learn the game more!

Bruh stop spamming recruitment forums, just join brave or horde or something

I’m never really one to speak up about recruitment threads…but you’re just doing it all wrong. The way you’re basically begging is NOT the way to recruit. People don’t want to help you get rich. You bring absolutely nothing to the table.

Please stop spamming the recruitment forum and calm down.

I could help you where in low sec do you mine ? :slight_smile:

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Please don’t create multiple threads, use your original thread to bump and advertise your corp.