I shoot rocks and shyte

cutting through the ■■■■…I recently returned to game after a substantial absence and find the changes somewhat overwhelming, but I know I’ll catch up. My time zone is US Pacific Time. Very rusty 40mil SP industrialist with a bent for shooting ■■■■. What I want…

An adult group that is at least semi organized, communicative, and active with friendly people. Preferably in null that doesn’t have “mandatory” attendance requirements, in particular outside my window of gametime. I would love however the opportunity to die a glorious and painful death with you when time does allow.

Hit me in game or here if any of you recruiters think I may be of service.


Hey Drunk Dog

Ive send you an inmail in eve if your interested.
Send me message ingame

Kind regards


well good news my friend, im the CEO of Legion Ascending, an indy/pvp corp in null. we are a part of the Gentlemen’s Club alliance and are looking for more indy/PVPers. Our corp is all about the members. if the members arent enjoying themselves then there isnt much of a corp. We have plenty of moons, indy and pvp so come to our discord and chat with us, see what you think.