I strongly believe the 6th prediction in Macaper's Prophecies is going to be fulfilled by a Triglavian

Specifically “The many will become one when one becomes Four.” After reading through the Triglavian Primer, specifically the part about the Koschoi and how the 3 parts of a Triglavian come together. I believe that the one or the informorph will merge with a Triglavian to become 4 instead of 3. I am not yet entirely sure on the first part but it can be fulfilled by many things including Upwell, Capsuleers joining the Triglavians, New Eden joining forces against the Drifters or the Triglavians, etc.

Title Edit - its the 6th not the 5th.

I think its already been fulfilled. New Eden has moved from being dominated by one Jovian Empire, now sadly defunct as far as we can make out to being dominated by the four current Empires.

I don’t think so as the Prophecies have so far occurred in order and the four empires came about long before both Ma caper and the other 5 before it. The 5th being the little brother makes his sorrowful steps home IE the drifters appearing.

We live in a world of science, and while some of my Vherokior relatives believe in such flim flam statistics show us that making such correlations is relatively simple given the number of events happening each day in New Eden.

mmmkay but so far the game has literally followed the prophecy course with the in game lore events related to it being even written as occurred ( like the first 3 of them.) So its literally already confirmed to have happened up to this point…

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I’m pretty sure Macaper is talking about PI,
“The many (P3) will become one when one becomes (P )4”


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