Macaper prophecy - 6th event?

With the recent announce of the triglavians, I though of something…

What if this event is the second part of the 6th event of the macaper prophecy?

“what was many now becomes one when one becomes four”

as stated multiple times, the triglavian seem to differ in some opinions.

maybe the “unity” of the triglav is about to collapse.

maybe they are going to break into 4 factions.
After all, there is already 3 “clades” but with their acceptation of foreign entities, maybe a 4th one could emerge: the drones.

then remain the

“what was many now become one”

that, sadly, both in methods, technology and in to a certain degree, the ideology, could only mean the merging of the drifters and sansha nations…

your thoughts?

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Well, if we’re fitting events to intentionally vague and cryptic prose designed to be ‘correct’ because we interpret the ‘correct’ solution after something happens that fit…

… why not the Jove themselves?

IF the Trigs are an offshoot of the 2nd Empire, then ‘the one becomes four’: the Jove have gone, and we have:
The Sleepers
The Drifters
The Trigs
The SoCT.

Prophecies claim to speak of things yet to come, yet they’re only understood once events happen that seem to fit… within some tolerance for vagueness, after all. Meanwhile, we’re doing all of the interpretation with an engine that developed specifically to recognize, anticipate, and fit things into patterns. Give any vague proclamation of the future enough time and enough space, and it’ll appear to come true. And we’ve got trillions of people whose lives can fit into the pattern needed.

Frankly, the odds of not having utterly random circumstance eventually fit the pattern are vanishingly small.

except that the joves do not fit, because it’s not an “event” it’s a line of event

the lasts event was precisely the drifters, and it fitted like a glove, not “loosely”

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You mean ‘little brother’?

Yes, it fits like a glove. Because we know where Drifters’ ‘home’ is, and we know they were told they’re not welcome. Absolutely. Like a glove… as long as you interpret ‘home’ as ‘K-space’ or ‘Anoikis’ and ‘He is not welcome’ as ‘People who have no way of knowing what’s going on get shot for being too close to observatories and the Amarr Empress is blown up’ or ‘the Drifters start ripping into Sleeper enclaves to pillage them’.

Who makes your gloves? I’d like to know, so I can avoid buying from them.

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I once read a story about a man who bodymodded his genitalia to include multiple wingwangdoodles.
Apparently, his underwear “fitted like a glove”.


One of the wonderful qualities of cryptic, poetic metaphor for divination is that it’s both intriguing, keeping an audience riveted, and vague, allowing for piles of different ways of being “right.”

A Stargazer’s art, in the end, is really counseling and/or consulting. Just, usually with more poetry to it. And a star chart, set of fortunes (however selected), or prophecy, is the medium from which that counseling or consulting session is shaped.


See, you can hammer any event into the shape of some prophetic mumbling, assuming it was vague enough. If Macaper could actually see the future, she wouldn’t have needed to be so cryptic.

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Vague “prophecies” are con games by charlatans. Ooo, this could be that, or it could mean this other thing that happened, but it really meant this third thing because that fits the narrative better because it is more easily linked to some other event.

Balderdash. Absolute balderdash.

Hyper-specific “prophecies” are also nonsense. Pre-destination is balderdash, as it contradicts the entire notion of righteousness. If everything was fixed and immutable, then there is no sin, or virtue either. Poppycock.

The only real prophecies are those that speak in general but clear terms.
“If the people of planet X do not turn away from their sins of Y, then Z calamity shall befall them!” and so on. Where there is a substantial evidence base from other instances in history, where Y behaviour caused Z calamities to occur.

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