I want to build some tools for my alliance, am I allowed to get paid for my work?

Hi all,

Looking at the EVE developer page, it says I can’t charge for my applications – I’m assuming what this means is that you can’t charge users money to use the app. I just want to make sure that they’re not saying I’m not allowed to get paid to build something in the first place.

The latter seems unenforceable, and I doubt that’s how it is … but someone I know is saying that’s the case.

If anyone can give me some concrete confirmation that would be cool.


Best to ask in a support ticket to get an official answer as fast as possible.

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Q) Can I charge people real life money for my application?
A) No.

Q) Can I charge people ISK (the in-game currency) for access to my application?
A) Yes

Source: https://developers.eveonline.com/resource/resources

If someone wants to pay you RL money to develop an application for them, that’s also probably fine. The First QA is mainly around “I have an application and I charge you $5 a month to use it”.

But i would do as @Uriel_the_Flame suggested and create a support ticket for an official answer.

EDIT: Voluntary donations of RL money are also allowed. But they must be voluntary and not provide any benefit/special access.

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