I was lost ... asleep

-Begin Transmission Log -

This is my confession, may it work as advice to some, even if for others its just drivel and bits of info occupying space in virtuality:

I was lost for several years drifting in my pod.

I had glimpsed the Darkness and after many times fighting against it my resolve never weakened.

But one day, a new order came directly from the Theology Council.

I was to travel deep into lawless space, into the places where rhe Holy Light barely reaches, where stars are dim, where obscura thrives.

I know not well what happened, but amidst allies and long gone now friends I went into the pit, looking for a new Charnel House of Blood, of profane hymns and orgiastic blood frenzies …

As I led my own ship, bathed in the glory of my prayers and the blessings of those of the cloth, I began to see what the Commandos I deposited inside that loathsome structure were fighting …

Blasphemy upon Anathema, Darkness embroiled in the Void!

What happened next was null to my mind, for every single one of my loyal Kameiras were wiped out and then I was ambushed in space outside the structure …

My Paladin, even cloaked in the cape of the Almighty making light shine brighter upon the heathen forces could not withstand the onslaught.

As I was facing disaster I did the only thing I could: I targeted all my weapons on the Unholy Cathedral, lost in the reaches of Space. As I was dying, as my ship blew apart as even the safety pods of my meager crew escaped and got destroyed and picked apart the last thing I saw was the monstrosity that inhabited that place.

I still cant remember it well … only glimpses of the presence, of the very way reality warped around it, sucking blood , viscera and entrails.

And as my pod ruptured … I remember something was wrong with me … something tried to show me something , something so hideous I fought it! And … I think I saw something … bad, like a huge festering rot not on the farthest reaches of space but deep within the Amarr Empire.

A corruption hiding behind the glowing golden refulgence …

And I wept.

That was 4 years ago and only today … only now, that I have returned I … don’t remember much.

I am shocked I have lost so many years … I don’t know why I never woke back up in my clone like before.

I must … rest.

I must … meditate.

And pray … pray so hard that I am here, still.

I am lost still , my decorations hollow for they are now a burden to show me how much longer I must travel still

That is all.

-End of Transmission-

Capsuleer Code Name: Brujo Loco final log to Theology Council Tribunal Agent Salir Qeshal, upon awakening after 4 years 109 days, 21 hours, 18 minutes, 24 seconds delay in reporting back. Agent was presumed missing in combat after a special TacOps mission was assigned to him.

  • Further requests for contact have been ignored, escalating to a superior instance as ordained -

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