ICON Libertas. No rent, no pressure, play in null and have fun

ICON Libertas (Theran Alliance): living in Wicked Creek

  • Play in null. No rent. No pressure. Return to your roots – a game should be fun.

  • We are a community who has not forgotten that Real Life does come first. No kidding. Really. Play the game, don’t let the game play you.

  • Make ISK. Lots of it. Cheaper resources plus low taxes plus less competitive markets = good profits. Very good profits.

  • Room to breathe. While we ask that you have PvP ships available and join some fleets, you do not have to be an experienced PvP–er. We will help you learn.

  • Participate in a fun community or play quietly on your own, your choice.

  • Plenty of opportunities for never-ending jokes at each other’s expense (Yes, I DID accidentally use an ECM burst module against my own fleet, and sure, you can bring it up aGAIN, I don’t mind, really)

  • Sense of humor a plus. Salty banter and bad jokes will get you in, no questions asked. (OK maybe a few questions, but we don’t really care about the answers, we just pretend we are interested. )

  • And of course we will want to hear you say “Roger that, all clear, sir” in an appropriately serious and official tone.

Contact Freenzied Comet or Eshet Chayil, or join ICON_Public

ICON is still recruiting

Still recruiting!

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