iCUE and EVE Online

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I’ve recently upgraded to a few Corsair peripherals. I use their iCUE software to control the lighting. It enables you to create different profiles for different uses and then link the profiles to specific programs (exe files) so if you wanted to have blue lights for EVE and red lights for CS:Go, you can do that.

The issue I’m having is it seems to not detect the EVE Online game running. If I set it to the launcher exe, it works fine, but not for the game itself. I’ve tried using the Task Manager to indicate which exe is running, but that did not work.

Does anyone else use iCUE in this manner? Have any of you been able to get it working with EVE Online?

I figured out my issue. Apparently, I have remnants of a previous install on another drive and was pointing to the correct exe, just the wrong drive. For those who find this question in future, the correct exe is:

<install path>\EVE\SharedCache\tq\bin\exefile.exe

Assuming you’re running on Tranquility server (there are other directories for the other servers in the SharedCache folder).

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