Idea for Agency Window

I just returned to the game and I am finding myself using this quite a bit. I think it would be really handy if you could specify a favorite station so you can have a quick button for setting destination back to your lair with your loot. :laughing:

Laziness helps botters most mate.

Speaking from experience?

Ya got nothing actually addressin’ what I’m sayin’? Maybe somethin’ less defensive, like “ya okay how so?” ?

Is this all you do? Be nasty towards people with good ideas? Don’t worry about me I’m not gonna tell anyone this would mess up your botting scripts.

what the ■■■■ is wrong with you? ya can’t even deal with a neutral statement without gettin’ all defensive! Why do ya even make a thread if ya can’t even deal with neutral responses? What the ■■■■’s goin’ to happen when the real trolls stomp over ya?

Would ya be willin’ tryin’ this again, or will ya be stayin’ like this forever?

I am the troll! btw how do I get rid of the blocks over the bad words you used to go away?

second time today i’ve almost spat somethin’ out laughing

ya can’t. censorship’s permanent. people need to be protected ‘cause i guess ya’rr soft and weak and ■■■■. Ain’t my words man, just guessin’ it’s why we’re havin’ it. Ain’t likin’ it either but the kidults need to feel happy.

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frack me the heck I have to use the children language filter when I have civil adult gamer discussion with my fellow eve fans by the by I have decided ur probably right about it making too ezpz for the botters i just like to see life easier for my mates is all. Ain’t got nothin but misisons to run right now.

Damn, man, ya’rr gooood! tell me, will ya be hittin’ Arnon anytime soon?

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Soon matey very soon the SoE epic is on the old’ to-do list I just finished the advanced military arc and I lost like three ships like a total BAD WORD


‘s worth it loggin’ in waitin’ for ya? I’ve set up camp there 'n got a few ships left.

Lemme check with the old amarrian chains aka the WIFE - she’s pretty content in the other room last I checked but I get like whole room aggro when I would rather eve than get something to eat you know how it goes

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ya can ping me here, or anywhere ‘round here. Doubt anyone’s gonna notice if ya’d abuse some thread for callin’ me. Ya can ping people by tagging 'em like this @Ames_Kring

Sounds good @z0rberg I’m way out making some work for myself hauling between the tutorials and Rens my new home so when I head all the way over to Arnon i’ll keep an eye out for you we could maybe hit up the sisters or run some Serpentis refuges or soemthing

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sounds great! cheers mate!

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