Great Player Idea


at this point it is enough to filter simply by the ship type and look for killed people in NPC corps to identify the bots :

Look at this :poop:

it is always generic shmocks like this :

It is always the same generic :poop:fit :

Its always in faction warfare.

Get your act together CCP.

This is not a Rant but a call. a desperate one at that for CCP to hire more ISDs, GMs whatever to get this under control. Reinvest your great plex sales and hire some people ffs.

Most of them have 3 part char names.

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reasonably sure they are the generic names too.

Hey now, some of us sit in Coercers named Coercer in plexes and bait people who think they’re getting a free kill.

But yes, CCP, please act more quickly to get the bots! Or just have timers in FW restart on warp out, then they get busted down to useless.


Wow, out of the first 5 lossmails I opened, 4 had 100% snuggly ratings.

Of course, that still doesn’t mean that they are bots. I’ve heard people who were active PvP’ers say that they’ll semi-afk other accounts for the isk. In fact, iirc, I heard Arsia Elkin admit to doing this on a TiS episode. So, at least some of these people could be active players looking to make a few bucks on the side. Moreover, I know for a fact that multiboxers will rat with a bunch of drone boats in Nullsec. So, it’s quite likely that a lot of these guys are simply part of the multiboxing scourge, and not botters.

Of course, none of this is to say that nothing should be done. Whether they be botter, multiboxer, or AFK’er, there still appears to be a ridiculous amount of people in FW who are devaluing LP for active players by over farming it. So, I don’t blame you for wanting something done.
No P2W

They are bots.

I can go into the details about how they always instantly come back with a new coercer.
Always fly exactly the same routes through low sec
( I follow them thats how I get them, on the gates )

How they instantly self destruct their pods.
How they always warp out when something shows up on 1au.

Same exact patterns down to the second.
Same exact routes.

These are bots 200%.

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