Idea for Banners

I wanted to get this out early one with this idea. Basically its simple if corp/alliance banners get added i would like to see a corp able to make several banners for itself. now idk how intensive these things would be so corps may still need a limit.

basically let corps create banners similar to medals and let them assign (or revoke) them from members to use or chose what ones are applied to structures.

the reason for this rather than just one per corp is so they can be used to differentiate divisions within a corp. maybe corp industrial pilots and structures use one banner or your corp can make a banner to give to FCs if these can be used as backgrounds as the concept currently shows it can be a great way to differentiate pilots in the corp. a newbro joining could see that pilot x has the corps banner for a pilot who can help him learn combat basics.


If banner are going to be a reality, I agree with this idea. =)

Do you mean like the logos outside of citadels? It might be nice to have more personalisation, but I’m worried it might bring to too much fragmentation.

i recommend you watch the art presentation to understand what i mean

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