[Idea] Skill Injector Rework

Given there are issues related to skill injectors and the amount of skill points that are being dispensed to get people into end game ships in less than a week, I came up with what I think is a fair compromise between player convenience, CCP cash flow and game balance.

Neurotoxin Time Penalty: A time penalty added to a jump clone.
Avatar Augmentation: A change in the visual look of the pilots avatar skin. ?? maybe bright blue veins on skin ??
Neutrotoxin Cleansing Bay: A place to install a jump clone that is contaminated with injector neurotoxin’s

The first goal is to limit the amount of SP a single player account can use in a calendar year. The second goal is to make the instant usage of SP somewhat temporary and available for destruction from other players. The third is to have the player account pay an additional time price to make SP injection permanent. Finally the fourth goal being removing the ability for a 1 day old toon to pay enough RL money to inject themselves in end game ships within the week.

Mechanical Changes

===Jump Clone Stats===
+365d Neurotoxin Time Penalty Pool
+5 stage Avatar Augmentation Pool

===Skill Injector===
-Characters with less than 5,000,000 skill points will receive 500,000 unallocated skill points.
-Characters with between 5,000,000 and 50,000,000 skill points will receive 400,000 unallocated skill points.
-Characters with between 50,000,000 and 80,000,000 skill points will receive 300,000 unallocated skill points.
-Characters with more than 80,000,000 skill points will receive 150,000 unallocated skill points.
+Biology I skill requirement
+Gives X unallocated skill points to $pilot when activated. X = (Biology Skill Level) * (100k)
+Upon activation a Neurotoxin Time Penalty of 73d 0h 0m will be added to $pilot jump clone.
+1 stage of Avatar Augmentation is applied to pilots avatar for the current jump clone.

-x1 Skill
+Requires Science V
+x3 Skill
+Grants 100k effective skill points to a activated skill injector

===Clone Bay===
+Neurotoxin Detox Bay

Steps to use a skill extractor

  1. Inject a skill injector after fulfilling above pre-req’s.
  2. SP is added to SP pool, a 73d Neurotoxin Time Penalty is added to jump clone, 1 stage of Avatar Augmentation is applied and the avatars skin changes color in their character sheet.

Steps to make SP permanent

  1. Install clone into a Neutrotoxin Cleansing Bay
  2. After 73d have passed 1 skill injectors worth of SP is now permanently added to the character sheet, and a new skill injector can be used.

How to lose SP

  1. If a clone dies in space or is destroyed in a clone bay while neurotoxins are present in the jump clone all SP that was added using that clone is removed from the characters sheet.

Max SP for 1 character in 1 year
10 jump clones * 2.5m SP = 25m SP

Max penalty days per clone
73d * 5 skill injectors = 365d of neurotoxin detox time

How long will it take to get into a properly skilled titan from birth under these mechanics?

Assuming 50m SP is the right amount for a well skilled titan pilot, under these mechanics it would take 1 year and 365 days neurotoxic penalties on 10 jump clones to undock and start shooting things.
If you didn’t want to risk the SP used to get into the titan in a year, you would have to wait another year for the SP to become permanent by placing all 10 clones in the Neutrotoxin Cleansing Bay.

Finally Im going to leave this here


This is more myth than reality.

Do this. Setup a REALISTIC skill plan, one that includes all the skills needed to correctly fit and use the ship, not just the minimum requirements.

Now figure out how many injectors are needed, be sure to account for diminishing returns on injection.

Now calculate the cost in ISK, then PLEX.

Now calculate how much it costs to buy the PLEX.


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