Ideas for making ganking less prevalent

You answered your own question, the REASON those other games don’t have a player driven economy IS PVP.

It’s not just the destruction, it is the restrictions on production. Without PvP people would mine endlessly, supply would sky rocket and prices would plummet.

All the parts work together to form the whole.

-1 sandbox changes without a deep sandbox understanding.


So, a “I’m a free target please kill me” flag? The only use it would see would be PvP players putting it up to bait people into attacking them.

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No, one of the skills of PvP is attacking with an advantage. That is the fun of it, it is not supposed to be fair, you have to plot and plan.

Even a miner has to think about risk, select location, watch local/dscan, etc because PvP starts when you undock, the battle is the ending.

For all industrialists surviving is winning. :triumph:

If a you attack an indie and it gets away, loser :rofl:

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You’re coming across as extremely entitled to think that you can take advantage of the player interactions through the economy while trying to completely shield yourself from the player interactions through combat.

You can’t play the game in isolation, nor should you be able to.

If a player chooses this mode, they should also be prohibited from interacting with anything else made by, sold by, traded by, or in any other way, influenced by other players. That means you can only build goods sold and seeded by NPCs, since that’s exactly the game you want to play.

If you think +/- 20% SP “levels out the playing field”, then you are not experienced enough in the game (though I doubt you’ll ever get to that point with this mindset) to understand that this would do nothing.

An alpha character with 5,000,000 SP into ONLY ganking skills (Gallente Catalyst, Small Hybrid Turrets, Turret support skills, etc.) compared to say, a 5,000,000 SP character that ONLY has Planetary Production and Mining skills will not be fighting at the same capacity.

Why? You are taking the risk as a low SP (and admittedly, low skill in general) player to undock in a shiny expensive ship without understanding how the game works. You should be punished for making such a huge mistake.


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