Limit ganking to just freighters

After looking through various ganking threads and talking to countless people in-game, be they gankers, anti-gankers, victims or bystanders, I’ve come to the conclusion that ganking freighters is the only type of ganking that generates good content and enjoyment all around. Ganking as a playstyle must remain, but ganking can and should be limited.

Therefore my suggestion is simple. Limit ganking to just freighters. For all other ships allow them to be targeted as normal but do not allow them to have offensive modules activated against them. Disallow smartbombs completely in highsec.

This will lead to an improved EVE experience for all.

Thank you.

No, it won’t.


Mmm that’s a hard no.

If you can’t figure out why this is a bad idea, you are bad at EVE :smiley:


Lucas would agree.

What about ganking AT shps? What would stop people from hauling Skill Injectors or other high value goods in massive quantities everywhere?

While ganking may be hated, it is an important game balance. This from someone who has never ganked, and has been ganked.


All ships carry some sort of freight…

What stops them hauling those high value goods now?

But how can they limit ganking to just freighters if freighters can’t fit weapons?

:smirk: :popcorn: :dealwithitparrot:


That was the point. The suggestion was from the start about complete removal of Ganking, it was just well hidden.

The threat of ganking, and maybe the pain of previous losses.

This change would literally break high sec LOL.

It’d also allow him to basically game the system. I’m betting the cargo he deals in doesn’t require too much freighter usage so he’d be able to AFK thru highsec with this change.

Remember homies. Box Boy never actually wants to save the nubs or help EVE. Only himself.

Either way, ideas to remove gameplay styles from the game should not be allowed nor tolerated on this part of the forum.


Allowing is fine, tolerating is fine, doing something about it as a change, maybe not. :slight_smile:

At the very least it should be re-balanced such that it’s actually possible for the victims to defend or escape. The real problem is that when highways are blocked it prevents players from venturing into new areas.

Gate guns, CONCORD, police, neuts and jams, criminal timer, what more do you want?

This is wrong in so many ways. If someone wants to travel somewhere new, they are sure as Hek not bringing a multi-million-ISK Tayra there. People venturing into new areas should basically never be attractive ganking targets.
Also, finding a way around “blockages” (which would have to be bubblecamps full of dictors, hictors, and Rapiers, plus a fighter Skynet and gate spawn declocking sphere for good measure in order to truly work against MWD Ceptors or Blops battleships) could only lead you to new areas, so you’d be venturing just the same.

The fact is, Hi sec suicide ganking is one of the more realistic aspects of this game, if you think of it from the frame of Kamakaze pilots of WWII, or modern day Somali Pirates. I don’t HS Gank, but I have tried it a couple of times in the past. IMHO, it is absolutely necessary part of EVE life as it teaches noobs essential survival skills.


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