[IEDIV] Free Ships! Now that I have your attention. Enlist here!

There’s a thousand corps wanting you to join them. They offer mining, missions, low tax, all that good stuff. So what makes mine any different? Well, maybe not much. Except the upfront honesty. And if you stick around a couple weeks, I’ll get you a cruiser or mining barge. Maybe if you stick around longer a battleship or exhumer. That will depend on whether if all my stuff gets blown up before I raise enough. It’s EvE after all.

To some, that’s couch cushion change. But to others it might be an incentive. We have Orca boost in high sec. And moving things down to null, in hopes of getting set up in a corner of NPC space.

If you wanna chat and see if we’re a fit, join my channel Capsuleer Coalition. If I’ve persuaded you to enlist in the greatest corp started in the past week, send an application to Independent Engineering Division.

Whether or not you apply, fly safe

We have a moon! Plan is to pop it once a week. Nice little area to mine away. Missions aren’t in system, but not too far. Have lab, invention and manufacturing complex as well. Orca boost in high sec. Ore buying will become a thing, so you don’t have to worry about that.
All in all, we’re a generic mining corp, and we want you!

Do you guys have fleet mining?

Hi! We like to set up Joint operations with other groups to run Fleets inside wormhole space. If you guys would be interested in something of this nature; Feel free to reach out anytime

Sub Inc. - Undocking is our Specialty

Right now there’s an orca and a coveter. But the Orca gives boosts and hauls

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