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I came back to EVE online and I’m rebuilding my corporation. We are member of LORDE, which is really great and amazing alliance. And I am saying this 100% honestly. (if you don’t want to join my corporation then still please consider joining to one of LORDE corporations Press here to move to LORDE topic). We are also member of Winter Coalition.
So here are some usefull informations:

  • We are nullsec corporation
  • We live in Detorid
  • In our space you will find angel NPC
  • We are PvP / PvE focused, but industry guys are also welcome
  • 5mil SP minimum
  • We will ask you for ESI
  • We are not renters
  • Corporation is mainly EU tz, but we would like to expand into US tz. So if you would like to help us with that and you are not affraid of being alone on corp chat convo me :slight_smile:
  • We use mumble

Yes corporation itself is small, but we are part of alliance and coalition. We are like big family. You will not feel alone. I know that most of people would like to join corporation with plenty people in it. I can offer it on alliance level, unfortunatelly not on corp level. I am doing my best to get more people, but it is not simple as I am not getting all random people. Especially being honest with corporation numbers also scares a lot of people.

Thank you for your time. I hope that you will consider joining my corporation. If you have any questions mail me in game - Provagus Great

Returning Player looking for a new Corp
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Recruitment still open :slight_smile:

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Recruitment still open!

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We need you! Join today!

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Daily bumping

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Convo me and join!

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