Returning Player looking for a new Corp

(Leveaux) #1

Returning to the game and found my old corp all but disbanded. Looking to join an industry corp, but I don’t mine the occasional fleet ops. I particularly enjoy the researching, developing, and manufacturing of items for the corp. Never really played in the null sec much, and a little experience in low sec space, but willing to give it a try. Not looking for a griefing corp.


(Provagus Great) #2

(Victavious Vobakar) #3

Hey there, I have sent you a piece of in-game mail with some great information on what my corporation does. I look forward from hearing back from ya man.

(Nikodiemus) #4

Try Geo-Tech Industries. We are an industry corp with strong corp infrastructure focused on researching, manufacturing, reprocessing, invention and reacting. We have access to low sec and several older players who returned as well and found a good home :slight_smile: We don’t grief and we are pretty chill. In game channel Geo-Tech Recruitment. fly safe!

(Menegrith Venari) #5

You might be interested in joining Bootstrap Mining

We are Real Life friendly and live in NPC null. We have PVP and PVE / Industrial activities. We are highly active in all timezones and have dedicated support for returning pilots including a help channel, and just a generally supportive environment

If you’re interested, there’s more information here:

(shimrock) #6

Welcome back. Brittas Empire are currently looking for all types of pilots. We have a good industry section so I’m sure you would fit in and also be able to do some pew on the side. Drop into our discord for a chat if you’re interested. Look forward to hearing from you.

Shimrock o7