IGE.C looking for brave members

Who we are:

  • (Currently) set up in highsec, close to lowesec.
  • Led by two expirienced members.
  • Focused on mining, industry and pvp for fun.
  • Layed back and mature group

Looking for:

  • All zimezones welcome (eu prefered)
  • New players are welcome but omega state expected after a month or two
  • No minimum/maximum SP
  • Willingness to learn and have fun
  • Mature behavior, it’s a 18+ party

What we offer:

  • Mining with Orca bonuses
  • Regular Mining and PVP Ops
  • Help and advice
  • Free basic skill books
  • Ship replacement program
  • Building something great with us

Get in touch:
In game channel: IGEC
Discord: IGEC DIscord

REcruitment is still open, come have a chat.