Ignis Deorum - Recruiting Now!

Ignis Deorum is a PVP and PVE based Corporation. We are run by 3 fairly inexperienced Australian EVE Online players, I am one of them, who are active very often. We are based in Amarr space, and are planning to do Factional Warfare when we have a decent fleet of active members. We are new and have very few members. Players of all skill levels are welcome to join us. We are currently focused on doing Rattling in Low-Sec systems. Send me a message or reply to this post if you are interested.

Ubi Concordia, ibi victoria - Where there is Unity, there is Victory

Hi, I’m based in Singapore and I’m a noob looking for a corp. Let me know how i can sign up!

Wow, I had all but forgotten about this post. Didn’t think anyone would reply. It’s great to see someone actually wants to join us! I will send you a message in game accompanied by an invite to our corporation. All you need to do is accept that invite and you’ll be in.

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