Im a returning player still a bit of a noob looking for a clan

Im trying to come back to eve i use to have a lot of fun playing it but my ex decided they didnt want to play anymore even tho i did but now id like to get get back into it any clans new player friendly, casual and can help re teach me how to play?

You Are Welcome With us :grinning:

Hello please consider joining the Kingdom of Bretonia!

We are a c2 Wormhole corp. We essentially use probe scanners to find sites and then we mine them out, or kill them if they are rats. It’s quite lucrative!

We are small in number atm, but we do have an Alliance which helps liven things up. We are a text-focused corp for communications, but our alliance uses voice coms.

Pm me in game if you are interested in trying us out! We are 1 jump from High sec space currently.

I joined the discord but cant access anything

hi, iam contact you in discord :slightly_smiling_face:

feel free to check us out

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