IM:I, Sov Holding Corp is recruiting HS/Null Miners, Haulers, Ratters, and PvPers

Don’t let the name fool you, we also mine tears. But need your help to meet our gamer girl tear scented bath water production goals.

Imperial Mining Incorporated | Corporation | zKillboard

Imperial Mining Incorporated is a NullSec homed, with HS basing primarily industry corp that has a distinct need for bolstering our HS miner population as well as our PvPers for an ongoing coalition war.

No SP requirement for Miners or PvPers as long as they can fit ships to do the task they are good to us. HighSec Haulers and Null haulers will be expected to be able to fly ships fitting to the job.

Based out of Querious we do quite a lot of business for the coalition we are a part of making enough money to be able to enable our corp members to enjoy their game in whatever way they would like.

We offer 100% Jita Buy for Compressed Ore with bumps up to 110% to respond to production needs and access to several NullSec systems and a relatively quiet 0.5 system for our high sec miners with regular fleet boosts in both. If that wasn’t enough already we have access to several moons(including a high sec one for those witting) that you can mine and make more than you currently do in most cases.

For coalition and alliance fleets we do offer SRP for ships lost under directive of sanctioned Fleet Commanders.

We’re chill, come chill. Make your ISK, get your ships blown up in Sov PvP. Stay cash positive with us!

Message GenghisKomm#1267 on discord for further info, and see what we’re about.

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Join us folks! Much ISK to be had.

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