Immortalis Inc. [10101] / Shadow Cartel - Recruitment now open

Hello Spacefriends!

​We’re Immortalis Inc. [10101] a member, and the executor, of Shadow Cartel. One of the oldest surviving lowsec alliances in EVE. I hear you thinking “How old?” - Have you been the biggest fish in the tiniest pond? Yep, done that. Have you crashed and burned and done it all over again? Got the bloody flashy red t-shirt! This is because we play differently: We don’t play to win or to be the biggest or the richest. We play to be the most fun. We treat each other with respect, we keep our word, and we don’t tolerate assholery. We do still like to win though, and to that end we’re once again opening up recruitment for individuals and corporations.​

What we can offer:

  • Constant fleets throughout the week
  • Experienced FCs and leadership team
  • SRP program
  • FC for plex scheme (New FCs receive 500 plex for every 4 fleets they run)
  • Lots of ways to make isk including:
    • Access and help with level 5 missions (a safe and lucrative method of isk making
    • Free (no tax) PI on approximately one third of the planets in lowsec
    • SOE Missions
  • Paid wormhole probing program (We’re pretty unique, we’re able to participate in content and project our force with one of the most impressive wormhole tools)
  • Family and friends. (Like I said before, we are one big family and have been for years. You don’t join SC to be part of the hype or flavour of the month - you join and you stay because you want to stay)
  • Knowledge and resources. We have been around for years and have survived all of lowsec’s hardest times. We know how to survive here, we know how to make money, and how to run logistics.

What we’re looking for:

  • Mature and friendly players. We are a real life first, family friendly alliance. We don’t put up with drama, racism, shitposting, etc.
  • A similar mindset and moral code. We honour our word and expect all members to do the same, whether that’s a 1v1 at the sun or being called on the batphone to a large fleet fight. It’s one of the things we’re most well known for.
  • Activity and fun! This is a big one: We want to fly with people who enjoy the game.
  • Pilots with alts and know how to use them! Immortalis requires at least one useful alt to be considered whether that’s logistics, capitals, links or something else.
  • 20m+ SP
  • Implants, mid grades minimum. We use these a lot.

Practical stuff:

If you’ve read all this and feel like you might be a good fit for us and vice versa, feel free to hit us up basically anywhere.
You can find us in game in the channels Immortalis-Public for individual recruitment and Shadow Cartel Public for corp recruitment, on our forums at Shadow Cartel Forums • Index page, or you can just hit up Waylo Azomi, Chairborne or Lofe sXe in EVE.

If you’re still on the fence, you can also check our killboard to see what we’ve been getting up to lately Shadow Cartel | Alliance | zKillboard

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