Imperial Radionetics - NULL Sec Corp with Great Community

Imperial Radionetics is looking to recruit pilots of all abilities and skills to join our growing null sec corporation. We are part of an Alliance with many active PVP fleets, Moon mining, great null sec sovereignty for high isk ratting and many PVP opportunities.

We are looking for players of all skill levels and all interests, check out our in game advertisement or join RIR Recruiting for more information. You can also join FEDUP Discord and ping Alehandra there.

We offer -

  • Ships and training for those new to large fleets
  • Ice and Moon Mining Operations with buyback
  • Earning opportunities for those willing to do light hauling with DSTs
  • Small Gang Corp Fleets
  • Training in PI as well as Corp Buyback for certain PI products
  • A fun and flexible atmosphere that understands real life comes first with no attendance quotas

As a corp we work to provide content and opportunities for all our members. EVE is a game where no one knows everything and there is always more to learn and do.

We are looking for -

  • Players of all experience levels
  • Industrialists and Miners with a desire for engaging fleet play and PVP
  • Team players who are willing to help create their own fun

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