Imperium Cartel. Null Sec Corp Welcome To The Family We Live In Deklein

**Imperium Cartel is recruiting **

SOV NULL Corp - We Form Blob

  • Looking for Ratters, Miners and PvPers -

:eu: :us: EU/USTZ :eu: :us:

  • 16 Years in EVE - Over 50 toons - Over 100 Active Members with the alliance.

We Offer:

-Real Life Comes First :white_check_mark:

-Daily subcap, capital and supercapital fleets :white_check_mark:

-SIGs for reconnaissance, blops, small gang, whaling :white_check_mark:

-Ratting and Mining space :white_check_mark:

-Ship Replacement and Fleet Rewards :white_check_mark:

-SIG with daily fleets averaging 300m+ isk/hr :white_check_mark:

-Corp mining ops :white_check_mark:

and way, way more… (see link below)


5m Skill Points

Omega Main

60 days in game

Comms (Mumble/Discord)

Join Cartel.Pub channel in-game for more info and a chat

Discord: Imperium Cartel.


New bro corps welcome we stage in high sec with content in null amd low industry and pvp.



We are now looking for members and corps to build our New Eden.

The more alliance that close there doors the more then open everyday join Army of New Eden Alliance.


Looking for member corps to fullfill our alliance goals fun content and null sec. Over this year alone we have seen some number of allisnces crash its time fkr new alliances to rise up and make eve great again. :+1:

Some of your info is nrds then some of it isn’t lmao



Perchance is this a reboot of the β€œold” Army of new eden?



Looking for pvpers industrial boys and girls all welcome

We are looking for HR Manager this is a paid role within the alliance contact MavrickJeffery#7524 but in game mail or discord.