Implant insurance

I was wondering why there isn’t implant insurance as there is with ships?

because insurance is here to reduce the cost of playing.

The purpose of insurance is softening the blow of losses to newer players.

Implants are non-essential tools. Not the backbone of the game like ships are.


Ships are insured based on their raw build cost.

T1 implants aren’t manufactured, they’re bought in an LP store. Ergo, they’re uninsurable.

T2 implants could possibly be insured, albeit partially, since they are manufactured, but like T2 ships the insurance payout would be a fraction of the purchase price.

Given that you can’t consistently both the same way, I think it makes the most sense to not insure them at all.


EDIT: Not to mention that ships are literally the only thing in New Eden that are insurable. Not modules, not deployables, not structures, etc. Being insurable is the exception, not the norm.


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