Clone and Implants insurance?

I’d like if possible to insure my Clone and implants.
I am losing too many Blingy clones in the Abyss lately…
it has become a serious drainage to my wallet…

I could use empty clones, sure, but it’s an idea that never came
to my mind…

Request denied.

That’s the idea.

Time to pull out that plastic card.

… and be a casual Alpha.

Because you thought going Omega was going to improve your chances? Haha!!

It’s business, not as usual.

Exactly. And it’s making money on you

Ask yourself if the risk of using blingy clones is worth the extra value you get by surviving more abyssals and doing them faster.

If yes, keep using them.
If no, stop using them.

No need for clone and implant insurance.

It seems like evrybody is contextualising the concept.
Don’t do it!

Keep the process separated, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of the whole
degrees of process separation!

Just because I gave a context example, that doesn’t mean it’s a valid argument for everybody!
Stop criticising the context example! Try to look at the plain concept only!

I don’t need Eve lessons, really, it’s irritating sometimes…
I mean, not all the times…

Insurance are made to get credits from who insure stuff.
The point that CCP DOES not conceive making an insurance for EVe players on Implants
is limited only in my op by the fact that isk are NOT REAL.
If it was real, then CCP would do it, because ANY insurance company EARNS MONEY. NOT LOSE MONEY. Because it’s like Nft stuff, it’s completely and utterly worthless, thus CCP doesn’t even consider joining the chat!

Then keep telling yourself the story that an insurance on IMPLANTS is worthless.

Insurance is meant to make losing ships less harsh for newbies.

You can tell by the fact that T1 ships have the highest payout relatively to the hull price. T2, Pirate and big ships much less so.

In other words, insurance is intended for players in cheap ships that they can keep playing (by flying another ship) in case they lose their ship. It doesn’t seem to be meant to cover higher tier ‘luxury’ purchases.

Implants, especially expensive sets for abyssals, are luxury purchases. They’re expensive, require high skills and unlike ships themselves implants are not really needed to do anything in space, they just make whatever it is you do a little more effective, like blinging your ship or using combat boosters. These are not things that need to be covered by insurance in order for a new player to be able to continue playing.

Again, I see no reason why implants should need insurance.

Doesn’t matter if it’s cheap or expensive, it’s all relative.
It’s an asset and as every asset in the game it should, “SHOULD” , be possible
to insure relatively to its value.
The Question is more poignant like… WHO is going to CREATE the OFFER?

I’m an entrepener, IF I had the possibility to SET UP my OWN Corporate Insurance, and offer it to other players, of my corp, for example, I could do it.

There is nothing wrong with it.
I’m a very small corp. Without the required pepper to add to the Pasta.
If you like the Pasta don’t add pepper.
If I could buy some pepper, I’d buy it.
If someone offers you a Pasta without pepper, ask him where he got the
pepper from, don’t just eat it.

The problem raise when any Corp wants to issue a proper insurance, like a contract.
It’s not possible. Only privately or by external link. (eg Ship program - Incursion)

This could be a Jump trail for Eve… a mini-revolution…

Imagine, skill sets, new markets, Players would want to jump onboard the wagon if it promises
a return… See? There’s always two sides of the Coin… and One Bull… or was it a Bear???

Insurance contracts issued by players to other players? - EVE Technology and Research Center / Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums

It’s not about the price, it’s about how necessary the object is to be able to play the game.

Can someone play EVE without implants? Yes, just like they can play without boosters or bling. Implants, boosters and bling modules are all luxury items to slightly improve your effectiveness in space.

Can someone play EVE without ship? No, they need at least a basic cheap ship in order to do anything in this game.

This is why basic cheap ships have insurance, so that players aren’t left without ISK when you lose their basic needs to play the game.

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