Improve Overview Entity Types

The overview system in Eve is fantastic.

Over the years I have made several different overviews for friends, incursion communities, and other nieche groups. However, there are some useability issues that have been introduced by development choices CCP have made over the years:

The first issue is beacon spam.

The entity type used by all beacons (permanent and event-based) is beacon. This is normally fine; however, during certain events, the number of event beacons can become overwhelming and create undesirable clutter.

This is a problem for those of us who need to see beacons on our overview. This could be solved by keeping all permanent beacon types (incursion sites, memorials, faction warfare etc., as beacon while attaching all temporary event beacons to a new type event beacon. - That way we can have one type without the need for both.

The second issue pertains to multi-purpose ships (e.g., T3 Cruisers, and the Nestor). Each class of ship (e.g., Frigate, Interceptor, Covert Ops, etc.) has its own entity type. That means all T3 cruisers belong to the type strategic cruiser and the Nestor belongs to battleship - this is because pirate and navy ships belong to the T1 type…

However, T3 cruisers and the Nestor are unique because they are multi-role ships, and can often fill roles that are different to other ships in their entity type. For example, one might use a Loki for logi, and a Tengu for DPS, or T1/Faction/Pirate battleships for DPS and the Nestor for logi.

My suggestion here would be to create the following entity types:

  • Nestor or Sisters of Eve Battleship
  • Legion or Amarr Strategic Cruiser
  • Loki or Minmatar Strategic Cruiser
  • Proteus or Galletnte Strategic Cruiser
  • Tengu or Caldari Strategic Cruiser

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